Hymn Sing March 2016

Old Fashioned Hymn Sing

North Central Baptist Association is pleased to bring an opportunity of a Good old fashioned “Hymn Sing” coming our way! Please put it on your calendars and start letting people know.

By request out of the hymnal, only rule is if “we” don’t know it, you can help us learn it!

Here is the PDF  (Click here to download the PDF) to make bulletin inserts or posters to put in your church.

NCBA Hymn Sing
6pm Sunday, March 6th, 2016
Hosted at Halsted Rd Baptist Church


hymn_sing_FB_blue hymn_sing_FB_gold hymn_sing_FB_green hymn_sing_FB_orange hymn_sing_FB_red hymn_sing_FB_wall hymn_sing_FB_wood